Dr. Rick Li

2018-10-17 16:43:02 174

Doctor of Pharmacology, Shanghai Institute of Pharmacology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Li did his postdoctoral studies in University of Colorado Denver, and published more than 20 papers in the international academic publications. He has been a long-term reviewer of international analytical journals such as JCB, RCM, JBPA. Dr. Li  complete a systematic pharmacokinetic study on the multi-component innovative Chinese medicine salvianolate powder injection. The drug was listed in the National Medical Insurance Basic Drug Catalogue and the National Pharmacopoeia. The sales in 2017 were 4.6 billion yuan, and he won the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology. From 2008 to 2012, he joined BIONOVO Inc. as a senior research scientist and was responsible for the analysis of three multi-component botanical drugs. One of the new drug candidates has entered  phase III, one has completed phase I, and the other has completed the preclinical IND study. The company has completed all GLP / GMP studies on candidate drugs and Dr. Li obtained GLP / GMP certification from University of Denver. From 2012 to 2015, he joined a listed large Company and served as the director of the Department of Analysis and Bioanalysis. He participated in and actively promoted the internationalization of the company. He established a analytical technology platform of GLP system that fully meets the requirements of international standards, provide international evaluation services. Leading the Department of Analysis and Biological Analysis through the National GLP inspection and passed all inspections by the National Drug Administration. Many studied drugs have successfully entered the  phase I or phase II study in the United Stateor in China.

He is the general manager and laboratory leader of  Xuhui Analysis Co., Ltd.